How to hem fabric

One of the most important techniques to master in sewing is a beautiful hem.  Because they are on everything.  Follow me and my hacks to make some great hems!

How to make a 20 minute headband

I made this project for our kids afterschool sewing program, but I love it so much I think we should all make them.  They are perfect for getting your French girl on ... or taking off your French girl makeup at night.  Either way, they take about 20 minutes and are super fun to make.

common sewing tips - how to take in the sides of a simple shirt or dress.

Taking in the side seams of a simple shirt or dress is one of my favorite ways of making my clothes look just so.  Sometimes it is as little as a quarter inch on either side that make the difference between frumpy and effortless.  Here, I have a cute $20 off the rack chambray shift dress that fit me in size Medium, but was very short.  I decided to buy it anyway, but I went up to a large to get the extra inch on the bottom.  I knew that I could put about 20 minutes of work into it to get an easy and breezy dress that would be really nice to throw on for the summer.