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The New Basics Sewing Series 

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Common Sewing is designed to bring sewing back to your lifestyle in a relevant, sustainable and simple way.  We want to make sewing easy, so our program builds gradually adding skills to your repertoire one project at a time.  We also want to make sewing fun, so we teach you using great projects that we prepare so you focus on the one skill we want you to learn.  You can learn to sew the common sewing way in one of our many local workshops around town, or you can subscribe to our Common Box and you can learn at your own space and in your own time aided by written instructions, videos and access to live teachers online.

Bonnie lewis

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Bonnie Lewis is the owner/designer of Common Sewing.  She and her family live in Orlando, FL where she is helping to grow the community of local makers by equipping them with design studio sewing skills.  Bonnie cultivated her expertise in design and sewing sitting next to the world's finest tailors in the fashion industry as a freelance tailor on set for photo shoots and behind the scenes during fashion week.  But she learned to teach as a girl visiting her grandmother during the summertime in Florida.  In between trips to the beach, her Grandma would sneak sewing skills on her while helping her make dolls, jumpsuits, dresses - learning this craft one project at a time much in the same way Common Sewing teaches you.