Bonnie Ann Lewis

Hi, I am Bonnie. I am a freelance tailor who alters and builds samples on set, designs textile props and installations for the prop dept. and designs original pieces for stylists and celebrities.

I work as an independent, and I bring eighteen years of fashion industry experience with me. I have experience working in couture, classic men’s tailoring, womenswear, tech sportswear, kids, pattern making, sample building …. I offer my clients beautiful, fast and experienced tailoring for any garment or prop needed on set.

I craft my clients creative vision with many disciplines beyond textile and needle. I owned a workroom that assisted in design and fabricated costumes worldwide for Disney Creative Costuming and consulted design and fabricated environments and installations for Disney Imagineering. I build textile installations that interface with machining and tech and I work in diverse materials.

This career is a journey, and I love it. As a local in New York and Miami, I offer a broad expertise to align perfectly with my client’s creative vision.